Environmental Management

ICED’s main focus here involves increasing awareness on environmental issues, systematizing environmental education in communities and schools, promoting effective environmental management and care systems, and advocating the mainstreaming of environmental concerns in development policies, programmes and projects.


  • Strengthing civil Society and private sector participation in forest law emforcement and governance for sustainable forest management (CISOPFLEG) – 2014 – 2017


  • Improving Forest Governance through Community Based Participation and Community Based Management Systems (FLEGT), funded by ACP-EU and FAO, January – December 2012.
  • Environmental Information and Education Centre and Forest Conservation Tracks in Sui, Ghana”, (Project Number: 114-2005) Groenhart Vzw, Flemish Fund For Tropical Forests
  • Project on Environmental Impact Assessment Field Work on Coastal Protection Project at Ada Foah in Ghana, in cooperation with Ecorem Company, Aarteselaar, Belgium, November to December 2008.
  • Environmental Management Capacity Building for the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Relevant Stakeholders in Ghana, funded by the Flemish Community of Belgium, Project Number VLL21 / MEKOINK1.
  • Assessment of the State of the Environment and Management of National/ Natural Parks and Reserves in Ghana and the Production of Environmental Education and Eco-tourism Documentary Films, first phase from 28 November-15 December 2005. Financed by United Nations Volunteer Programme and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Seniores Italia.


  • Improving Rural Livelihoods and Effective Climate Change Adaptation Mechanisms Project in West Africa (ECCAM-WA): Ghana and Burkina Faso