The International Centre for Enterprise and Sustainable Development (ICED) is committed to the promotion and development of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), poverty reduction, food security, and improvement of livelihoods in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).



The International Centre for Enterprise and Sustainable Development (ICED) .

Vision and Mission

The vision of ICED is to be an active contributor to the sustainable  development of Ghana

Our Core Activities

In pursuit of its vision and mission, ICED:


Our Thematic Areas

Participatory Action Research, Project Management, Training and Capacity Building and Consultancy and Extension Services



Government of Ghana

International Centre for Sustainable Development has being working on various projects with the Government of Ghana.


F.A.O has be our developmental partners for almost ten years now.


UNESCO strives to build networks among nations that enable this kind of solidarity,



The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation.

  • Education

    Emmanuel Boon, Justice Nyigma Bawole and Albert Ahenkan , Stakeholder participation in community development projects and analysis

  • Environment Management

    Emmanuel K. Boon, Luc Hens and Gonzalo Oviedo (Editors), Management of National Parks and Biodiversity Conservation in Africa, Kamla-Raj, New Delhi, 2011.

  • Health

    Yadav Uprety, Hugo Asselin, Emmanuel Boon, Saroj Yadav, Krishna Shrestha, Indigenous Use and Bio-efficacy of Medicinal Plants in the Rasuwa District,

  • Water, Hygiene & Sanitation

    Water Supply and Access to Sanitation Services in Middle and Low Income Economies: The Case of Ghana and Kenya, Emmanuel K. Boon, Dorcas Mbuvi and Jonas Hervie, 2007

  • Project Management

    Promoting Sustainable Agriculture, Poverty Reduction and Livelihood Improvement in the Sissala and East Districts in Ghana

You can contact us via our various offices throughout Ghana